Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Obama is a bastard. His Kenyan Father (Obama only has an African father, he obviously doesn't consider himself African since he has no problem bombing Africa!) would probably be ashamed. Gaddafi is a hero not only for Africa, not only for the great Libya but for the whole world. Obama only has support from his idiotic nation, Gaddafi is loved everywhere. His legacy lives on and he will be an example of revolutionnary for all of us. I will always remember this, when the idiot of the White House was elected, none of my Africans friends were concerned, they told me, he is not our president and he will probably follow Bush's step (Bush is a saint compared to him) and they were right. All people who support him because he is black please wake up, he hates Africa, he hates the world he is only here to follow an agenda. Don't trust him, he seems nice but he's a monster. show less 7cass1 and 11 more liked this Anon 13 hours ago in reply to world4LIBYA I have never liked him. I did not bother with his yaking in Cairo nor have I bothered to read abot the mass murderer but some tell me that his father abandoned him. the man had the good sense! Thea Goodman 19 hours ago in reply to world4LIBYA THERE IS AN INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST IN THE USA NAMED WAYNE MADSEN AND HE THINKS OBAMA MIGHT BE FROM INDONESIA AND NOT EVEN AFRICA. I AM INCLINED TO AGREE SINCE HIS SO-CALLED KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND AT LEAST TWO HAWAIIAN BIRTH CERTIFICATES ARE FORGERIES. MR. MADSEN IS COLLECTING MONEY SO HE CAN RETURN TO INDONESIA AND GET TO THE TRUTH. AS YOU KNOW, MONEY OPENS DOORS... AFTER THE FAKE BIN LADEN DEATH & SUBSEQUENT DEATHS OF A SEAL TEAM TO SHUT THEM UP, I THOUGH THE DEATH OF THE COLONEL WAS A FAKE TOO. THERE WAS NO EXCUSE FOR THE BRUTAL... show more Attached files 4 people liked this. mathaba Moderator 3 hours ago in reply to Thea Goodman Do not be sad for he is alive. But Ali was badly tortured, as was Mutassim, and so many others, heroes, killed in most cruel ways. Some of them did not always lead good lives but died the right way and so will be forgiven. Hundred thousand innocents killed. But they still will not win. world4LIBYA 13 hours ago in reply to Thea Goodman I agree with you, I just read my comment and I'm sorry if I offended any american by saying idiotic nation. While I believe most of them don't think for themselves and follow without knowing why, I might have offended you so I'm sorry. They said they burried him in the desert. (Osama?) I feel like I'm watching a Hollywood movie. They didn't give his body to the family because it's probably not him. truthseeker 23 hours ago For me, Gadhafi is not dead. He will forever live in my heart and mind. I appreciate so much what he does for african people all over the world. The family needs to know that Gadhafi is loved and respected. He gives me hope and I know that the west is doomed. the west is so evil. They lie soo much. brother Gadhafi is smart and I know he has outsmarted the rats being used by the west and the western nations. I am an African-american and my desire was to live in Lybia until I die. I pray I... show more achoquenao and 8 more liked this Thea Goodman 19 hours ago in reply to truthseeker I am praying that he is still alive. I am from the US and many people here loved Col.Quadaffi and saw him as a heroic symbol of resistance to the new World Order. If they did kill him like the video depicts then I hope everyone of them will burn in the hellfire! Attached files achoquenao and 3 more liked this 7cass1 Moderator 18 hours ago in reply to Thea Goodman They will burn in hell indeed, but fight is not over , it is just beginning. It is time for your people to bring your warmonger government in check and discover true liberty and democracy and not a police state that US citizens currently enjoy. Bring your soldiers home instead of sending them to kill and be killed on behalf of NWO , invading countries that never invaded you or did anything to you (the US I mean), not to mention all the money being spent, billions sveni and 7 more liked this Eholcombe576 1 day ago My God people i am devastated! i am an African enslaved in America (African American) and i hate OBAMA and hope he is made a stanken carcass!!! i love Kaddafi so much and they way them darn rebels did his body? also when i go to my Mosque i get the feeling some of the folks im praying next to are stanken rat lovers and racist Arabs!!!! i just want toscream! i have been crying so much. i pray Allah destroys all western nations....even if it means the life or me and my children in the midst of the judgement.... show more achoquenao and 6 more liked this jorgejo 1 day ago There is a video on You Tube that shows Gaddafi being sodomized with what appears a stick. I doubt they would do that if it was a fake guy.So, probably the King of Kings is really dead, executed. And even Mathaba as already a tribute to him, so maybe is really dead 1 person liked this. Ruuby1 15 hours ago in reply to jorgejo Why not? They would do anything, cruel, stupid and stoned as they are. Just look at those guys abusing him. They want to hurt someone, their eyes are full of hatred, the are yelling like crazy monkeys. How could they have been 100 per cent sure, that this poor person, they are torturing, is Gaddafi? Because he looked a little bit like him? Because there was a driver with him? They did not care - they wanted to kill, no matter what or whom. Maybe someone wants ou to believe what you believe right now, for what reason ever. You... show more achoquenao liked this mathaba Moderator 20 hours ago in reply to jorgejo Sorry, we cannot help you with such simplistic thinking. Do you believe all you see on TV. Yes, there is a rat sodomising someone with a stick. If real people, and not fake images, then it is not Mu'ammar, same as the body in Misrata is not Mu'ammar, as reported elsewhere on Mathaba. Believe what you want, but your level of thinking/critical analysis is near zero, and hardly worthy of our attention, first you need to do a lot of work on your own thinking and methodology, and logic. Sorry to put it bluntly. Perhaps you are young. Education systems... show more 7cass1 and 3 more liked this Afriq 12 hours ago in reply to mathaba Education systems of today are real crap - you can say that again!I was in one of the evening courses and had to talk abou a subjec for 15 min Bear in mind this was an adult class age 28 + minimum Have you noticed that there are no more bees? No it does not interest us. Eating fruits? Nay we do not eat fruits How can yu tell if a fruit or vegetable is genetically modified? what is genetically modified mean' Do you know what is the silent killer? No! I was shocked to learn that an international student... show more josie 1 day ago If our KING Kaddafi is dead, I pray for him and his family. I can´t avoid cry. We must remember him like a great, very intelligent man and the BEST Leader of the World in FOUR decades!!!! VIVA KADDAFI POR SIEMPRE!!!! VIVA EL REY achoquenao and 8 more liked this Eddie sengola 1 day ago Just called my friends in Africa, they are pissed off, in away, they don't understand who obama is! He must be a one term president, and blakcs in the USA must understand that he is a powerful enemy of the African people and wants to destroy Africa as we know it, in this time, when its economy was going stronger! I believe African, black historians and other historians of good will, will not be kind to Obama, a so called first African-President. Obama must know the sooner the better, that he will be forgotten in the dustbin of history while the King of Kings,... show more 7cass1 and 13 more liked this Anon 12 hours ago in reply to Eddie sengola I object to that thug being called African Thea Goodman 19 hours ago in reply to Eddie sengola Obama is NOT a Black man and he will do nothing to help the Black people of Africa. My mother;s people were American Indians. You saw what the British did to them. Well, they are back to recolonize the world and whatever they can steal.What they did to the Amerinds, they will do to the Black people and then they will takeout the Arabs. I am surprised The Colonel had no allies who would help. 4 people liked this. 7cass1 Moderator 18 hours ago in reply to Thea Goodman He had many allies but friends and allies are very different thing. US and NWO uses money and black mail to push other countries and their govs into submission and very few of these govs have any real balls to tell them to F .... Off. You see the Leader Gaddafi never used blackmail, because if he did he would have many allies, but that is not what he was about , his vision of liberty and prosperity and end of slavery for Africa does not allow for any such western style behavior. 5 people liked this. Waterlily 1 day ago What do I say? My heart and soul weep to see the destruction of his selfless love, Libya ... Col. Gaddafi has been my hero from the time I was a mere teenager. Role model, hero of Africa, inspiration to the world, Col. Gaddafi, I love you. Thank you, Mathaba, for your wonderful work and for reassuring us that all is well. Thea Goodman and 10 more liked this Makaveli 1 day ago May the King Rest in Peace, he was the last Real Honourable arab Leader in the world. him and his Sons have marked the History and will keep the resistance. the green dream he had shall never fall achoquenao and 8 more liked this heche 1 day ago I cant stop crying..The Lion has Gone...but we will keep on Fighting we love you our Leader..Afrika is crying for you..RIP MUAMAR GHADAFF our brother Leader... achoquenao and 14 more liked this George237 1 day ago in reply to heche http://atop100site.narod2.ru/ Do not cry, friend... Muammar alive! Impulse Relay and 4 more liked this Makaveli 1 day ago in reply to George237 I wish youre right,,,but what exactly shall we focus on the picture bro.. 2 people liked this. Ruuby1 12 hours ago in reply to Makaveli If you ask me - its a different face: not the same nose, not the same mouth, not even the same hair. Okay, maybe he lost a lot of weight between the 2 fotos, but i would say these are 2 different men. They burried the body in the desert - secret location - did not give it to his tribe/family. Why? Cause its not him? --------- Won't be able to answer that - maybe never. So lets look forward - would be, what he wanted. 1 person liked this. mathaba Moderator 3 hours ago in reply to Ruuby1 Correct, and Ali is shorter and younger. Muammar lives. Mathaba will be vindicated when the time is right, i.A. Muammar may speak again when the time is right. Meanwhile he has spoken all that needs to be said, and it is up to the green movement of committees to work. Yusaf, in Éirinn 1 day ago in reply to Makaveli One place to focus for readers in Libya may be to identify the mercenary traitors (if they originate in Libya) - gunmen as shown on the NATO mouthpiece from Qatar in the following video. I only give the link here as it may be removed from view suddenly but someone may be able to identify a few of those shown in the clip: http://english.aljazeera.net/n... Thea Goodman and 6 more liked this Anon 12 hours ago in reply to Yusaf, in Éirinn Focus on TRUE LIBYANS We have to give SUPPORT in all the ways They have suffered brutality we have not known and to FOCUS on those responsible and holding them accountable Add New Comment Optional: Login below. Image And/or for general comments and networking all together in the forums! :: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material. 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  1. This shouldn't be happened.Ghaddafi is a good leader.He gave his citizens a free school,free treatment,What happened in Libya very sad.The people of Libya were brainwash from outsider,this is true and I have no doubt about it and The same happen to the rest of the Middle East.The people of libya are stupid enough and maybe money have had changed hands here to the greedy one or a group to demonstrate against Ghaddafi.The NATO gone to libya not to protect the Libyans but to destroy them.Nato bombed hospital,mosque and school and the innocent libyans.America and NATO make sure they will get Libya oil and gold.What happened in Libya OIC and Arab league to be blamed.From the very first day they should called both side and talked but instead of it they prepare to sleep.The way they treated him like a dog.They displayed Ghaddafi and his son in the old super market.As a outsider I managed to know a little bit what happened in Libya but this is not the right thing to solve the problem.I hope the rest of the Middle east learn a lesson of this tragedy.I hope they will rest peacefully after what they have been trough.