Thursday, 20 October 2011

Welcome Home | Print | E-mail Thursday, 20 October 2011 09:16 By MWC News Share Link: Share Link: Bookmark Google Yahoo MyWeb Digg Facebook Myspace Reddit Ma.gnolia Technorati Stumble Upon Newsvine By Khalid Amayreh They call you terrorists and other nasty names; but as far as we are concerned, you are our ultimate heroes. Your sacrifices, self-abnegation and patriotism enabled us to live and be steadfast as well as survive the nefarious onslaught by the falsifiers of history, the world's greatest thieves. The martyrs, thousands of them, died so that we may live. You’re the suspended martyrs of Palestine since you were willing to die for the noblest and most sublime of all causes. Your place of honor will always be guaranteed in the hearts and minds of your people. Your unflinching will to pay the ultimate price for the freedom of Palestine will always serve as a guiding light for our people. You are the crème de la crème of Palestine. We will always be indebted to you and your sacrifices. You languished for many long, bitter years in their evil dungeons and concentration camps in order to keep the smile on our children's faces, a smile without which we can't live or survive. They thought in vain they were breaking your will to fight for life, freedom and humanity, only to discover that their torture and persecution steeled your will and made you triumph over their hatred, evil and racism. Your suffering enabled us to retain the hope for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that is free from the haunting nightmares of roadblocks, checkpoints, home demolitions and haphazard murder by those barbarian racists who worship power and sanctify evil while calling their critics anti-Semites. They call you names because you dared say NO in the face of brutal force and blatant oppression. They expected you to behave submissively and capitulate to their insolence and arrogance of power and brutality. They utterly forgot that our resilience knows no limits if only because we Palestinians can't live without honor, dignity and freedom. Well, we must not pay the slightest attention to their mendacity and hatred. Let us be in the company of Jesus whom these self-worshiping psychopaths brazenly call the Hitler of Bethlehem because he sought to spread the message that all people were equal under God. They are immersed in self-denial; it is a collective psychosis. Otherwise, how could they have the rectitude to call us "heartless" and "having hearts of stone" for holding an Israeli occupation soldier? Well, do those holding thousands of men, women and children for insisting on obtaining their freedoms and human rights have hearts of gold? Theirs is a discourse of hypocrisy, moral duplicity, sanctimony and self-righteousness, stemming from an inherently faulty reading of the basic realities about God and man and existence. Ultimately, their demonizing and dehumanization of the "other," with all its diabolic ramifications, will cost them dearly because universal laws don't stop functioning. There are other great men and women who are still languishing in their hateful prison cells. To those known and unknown soldiers, we say "the darkest hour is the one that precedes dawn." Your appointment with freedom won't be far away. The walls of your jail complex may be high, the odds formidable, with no glimmer of hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But remember, in a world where every thing can be denied, there are forces undeniable. These are the forces that eventually made our heroes, long dismissed by arrogant Zionists as living corpses, reclaim their freedom. In the final analysis, there are true men behind you, who won't rest or know the taste of sleep as long as you remain behind bars. They won't betray you. You, too, will reclaim your freedom; it won't be far away.

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