Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Arab Peace Follow-Up Committee Decides to Make Palestinian Move Success

Arab Peace Follow-Up Committee Decides to Make Palestinian Move Success
Date : 23/8/2011   Time : 23:59
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DOHA, August 23, 2011 (WAFA) - The Arab Peace Initiative Follow-Up Committee declared on Tuesday its strong determination to go to the United Nations (UN) to gain Palestine’s full membership and recognition based on the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.
President Mahmoud Abbas presented, during the meeting, a description of the political movement to gain UN recognition of a Palestinian state, the implications of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the efforts being made to stop it, as well as the financial crisis that the Palestinian Authority (PA) suffers from. 
In a draft statement issued following the meeting, the committee approved the plan prepared by the subcommittee to be implemented in the coming phase to lobby international support for the Palestinian move.
The committee concluded by adopting necessary procedural measures and required connections to make this move a success according to a timeline, which will be overseen by the committee formed by the president of the Arab League Council, on a ministerial level, the president of the Arab Peace Initiative committee and the Secretary-General of the Arab League.
The committee requested the secretary-general to continue his  contact with the political and geographical groups, as well with the regional and international organizations' presidents to provide necessary support to make the Arabs' move a success, calling to implement the measures mentioned in the council’s statement, on the permanent observes level, during its unusual meeting on Sunday, to face the last Israeli aggression repercussions and the expansion of the Israeli settlements,  especially in East Jerusalem.
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  1. Well done for the Arabs move.This effort should be done a year ago.Now time is running and they just
    woke up knowing that UN General assembly is just round the corner.Anyway late is better than nothing at all.