Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Nato the power to destroy!!!!

Nato the power to destroy!!!!

personaly Iam not in favour of Gaddafi, but is the Nato doing it better, now the people of Libya will learn what is poorness and oppression.

The Nato which in truth doing is the wish of the USA&Co. was never for the Human Rights in Libya no they are practicing Human Rights Violation all over the World,

-. they call it a Revolution of the people of Libya, but its nothing else as a occupation war.
-. Now Six month after starting the War (A Personal war against Gaddafi)why are the Nato bombing

Tripoli and Civilian, is this the new defenation of Nato Human Rights, Kill the Civilian if they dont give us their resources.

After a short time the World supported the Rebelles against the Goverment, with what Rights???

1- made a No Fly Zone over Libya to protect their rebels, but in four years never asked about civilian killed by Airstrikes in Gaza
2- they recognized the rebeles quickly, but are not recognizing the state Palestine

but the difference is in one the oppressor is israHELL and not Gaddafi, the second that the palestinien dont Oil.

    -. To be honest its good that there is no NFZ for Gaza, as it seems to me in our modern World it is not to protect civilian no no , it is to bomb Civilian

the whole world see what the west power is doing as World Crimes and >Human Right Violation, I am so sad about Libya as this country has been destroyed and the honest people will be killed for sure

I am sorry for every Country in which the Traitor are the only possibilty for the criminal USA&Co. to enter destroy and Steel

So Obama had his War, I wonder which country will be the next Target for the new US president
Libya is the Second Arab State of America by Obama, the First was Iraq by Bush, what will be the third

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