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RISE,Against the Barbaric-Crimes of Israel

RISE, Against the Barbaric-Crimes of Israel

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Heretic Productions present; From the rapier-like pen of acclaimed writer Jim Kirwan, RISE ...Against the Barbaric-Crimes of Israel:http://www.rense.com/general94/rise.htm

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  • This is fucking bullshit. 1488
  • @dieherder O VOK! Another exiled rockspider wishing to come back home hoping for a clean white nation to welcome him back. 1488 se poes, jou naai!
  • Excellent clip.
    And very nice dubstep tune. Again, I must ask for a track identification, if you can scrape it up.
  • @1776Matthew Thank you Matt... It's from Trifonic's album "Emergence"
  • The Link is unavailable?
  • @malibu811xx Here is the link: watch?v=1IwQRreW27c

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  • Truth without any compromise, what a breath of fresh air as always. Look up Birobidzhan, the real Eastern European Jewish homeland, which is older than the Zionist entity in Palestine. Would the Media ever cover it? Ofcourse not. A future video exposure project perhaps? Take care of you.
  • @Bushwackk Thank you, once more. Fascinating!! Birobidzhan I had never heard of.... wow.... I now have a lot of work on my hands. The Wiki leak is weak, but there are others, much more revealing.
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  • Zionist are fake Jews. Palestinians r real Hebrews. Palestinians became Muslim after Islam. They are real Hebrews not those calling them self Jews. When Crusaders came to Jerusalem they slaughtered all of the real Hebrews. They also slaughtered Christians & Muslims. Not one infant was left to live. After Salladdin fought with Crusaders for Jerusalem then Zionist came from Europe & claimed to be real Jews. It is in History. This video is true. Why they came? Europeans kicked the fake Jews out.
  • @annebeck58 I resonate with all you just said! 
  • @Snordelhans Look up Lady Michelle Renouf and what she has said publicly about Birobijdhan and a place for the 'Jews' to serve as their Homeland. Also present day southern Argentina has been in their sites. Theodore Herzl proposed it during the World Jewish Congress in Vienna, back in 1897. Patagonia to be exact, and there are Israelis traveling there as they prospect a new haven for Zionists.
  • @enolaniaga  hahahahahahahaha. too funny!
  • @enolaniaga bwuahahaha. you have me laughing, yet again.
    Do you think your god supports whomever you think should be supported? Do you believe your god damns those YOU think should be damned?
    How about this: "Judge not lest YOU be judged"?
  • @Tluccodis741 If he wanted them all removed, why did he make camps IN Germany?? If he wanted them all dead, surely he had plenty of bullets to pull that off.. So, why so many survivors, and why were so many of them IN Germany, if what you are saying is true?
    I knew many people who had been in these camps. Many of my friends' parents had been there. WHY did they survive to show their tattoos, if the whole point was to murder them? No, I am not anti-Jew. Yes, am Anti=ZIONIST.
  • @enolaniaga hahahahaha.. that's so sad, your take on it, that it's funny!
  • @iceisnice61 I was thinking he was a Shabbos Goy, just like Obama (and the Bush-boys, Reagan, and Tony Blair, to point to a few).
  • @1776Matthew  Truly!
  • @Snordelhans Thank you.
    I am a bit curious as to the origins of the term "Nazi" myself, as it is not a natural abbreviation or acronym for "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei". Some of what you read here does not sound entirely plausible to me.
    The only "Nazis" I can think of are ashkeNAZIS. And that is just the type of sick joke they like to play...
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