Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Israel uses mini-drone for assassination
Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:44PM GMT
The Ghost is an Israeli-made light unmanned drone that looks like a miniature version of the Chinook helicopter.
Israel has designed a miniature unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to help Israeli intelligence services identify and target leaders of Palestinian resistance movements.

The newly unveiled spying UAV, dubbed Ghost, is an almost silent drone that weighs 9 pounds (nearly 4 kilograms), UPI reported.

The twin-rotor vertical take-off drone is designed for special clandestine operations in urban areas and has a range of around 2.5 miles (four kilometers), a flight endurance of 6 hours and speed of around 37 miles (59.5 kilometer) an hour.

The device can be carried in backpacks, along with spare batteries and a computer, by two soldiers who control it from a laptop computer.

The mini-helicopter, 4.76 feet in length and with a rotor span of 2.46 feet, is said to be capable of flying into buildings through windows to provide real-time intelligence for special forces or company-size infantry units.

It can also provide ground forces with a unique horizontal, eyelevel visibility and which means a comprehensive view of their targets and operational environment that lookdown UAVs cannot offer.

First displayed in March, the Ghost is to be soon marketed in the United States, where it was first unveiled.

The UAV can track targets for assassination by war drones, helicopter gunships or F-16 strike jets using precision-guided munitions, a tactic frequently used against Palestinian leaders.

Last October, Israel unveiled a larger craft named the Panther with a takeoff weight of about 138 pounds (62.6 kilograms) and a wingspan of 25 feet, which is capable of staying airborne for 6 hours.

The electrically powered UAV is designed to be carried in a backpack by a single soldier.

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truth seeker
8/25/2011 1:54:31 AM
It's a key achievement for Public relations. Killing men discriminately, could be break the logic of death of minors and women.
8/25/2011 1:43:43 AM
American Girl
8/25/2011 12:57:30 AM
Let's hope the aerial vehicles make a U turn and the Israeli murderers all turn into ghosts! Viva la Palestine!
8/25/2011 12:51:20 AM
Do they sell it on ebay?
8/25/2011 12:46:58 AM
I hear they are using Zionist squirrels to pilot them.
8/24/2011 10:47:09 PM
What a cool model! I fly RC helicopters as a hobby. I have several chinook models, that look like the one in the above photo. This a very stable model to fly.
8/24/2011 10:39:13 PM
Regardless of Israel's wars are subsidized entirely by Westerns and Arabs puppets with no cost to Israel but, Israel ego is looking to kill innocent that may be a threat for their Zionist cruelty. At end Israel is ruing own popularity, adding op their own liability, and creating more enemy.
Voice of Africa
8/24/2011 10:38:02 PM
I saw the video of the drone, and i wil say with confidence, it is not a game changer. it cannot move in a populated area without being seen.
Islamic Avenger
8/24/2011 9:26:36 PM
Well,I think that Hamas,Taliban&Al Qaeda can produce simular drones to attack their enemies? You need an a camera on it and a small missile or a bomb.
Shahrokh Saadat-Nejad
8/24/2011 9:01:40 PM
Correction on the last sentence in the article: - The electrically powered UAV is designed to be carried in a backpack by a single US backed terrorist.

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