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Maliki: Saudis bear 'culture of terror' Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:18AM GMT Reddit Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (right) and former US Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker (centre). Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has reportedly insisted that Saudi Arabia bears “a culture of terrorism,” alleging that the US-backed monarchy is the main sponsor of terrorism in Iraq with the aim of inciting a civil war there. Newly released classified US diplomatic communication by the reputed whistleblower website WikiLeaks reveal details of US State Department cables on meetings between Prime Minister Maliki, General David Petraeus and US Ambassador Ryan Crocker in 2008 in which Maliki accuses Iraq's Arab neighbors of funding proxy groups to foment violence in an attempt to destabilize the country, the Al Jazeera network reported Friday. Moreover, in a May 2007 cable, the Iraqi prime minister stated to Petraeus and Crocker that "I told Vice President Cheney that (Saudi) Prince Muqrin is funding a Sunni army to oppose the Shia army." Maliki then went on to add that the Saudis “have a culture that supports terrorism” and that if the Persian Gulf countries want to address the issue of terrorism then they should start with Saudi Arabia. "If they (the Persian Gulf Arab states) want to talk about violence, maybe we should have a conference about Saudi Arabia. Most terrorists here are Saudis... The Saudi people have a culture that supports terrorism. The Saudi government cannot control it, and they cannot get rid of the terrorist institutions that are creating and funding terrorism," the leaked cables reveal. Since 2003, when former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was deposed in a US-led war on Iraq, independent analysts persistently maintained that Saudi Arabia sponsors sectarian terrorism in Iraq to promote its influence in the region and weaken the civilian government in Baghdad. Statistics also seem to confirm that during the past eight years, majority of suicide bombers captured or killed in Iraq were either Saudi nationals or natives of countries that are closely allied with Saudi Arabia such as Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. In a meeting at Iraqi prime minister's residence on April 14, 2008, Maliki slammed his country's Arab neighbors, especially Saudi Arabia, and questioned the need for an upcoming "Neighbors' Conference". "We have seen nothing positive from Iraq's neighbors; they did not reduce our debt, they did not return their embassies, and they have all interfered in our political, military and financial realms," Maliki told the US officials. Additionally, the leaked State Department cables describe the extent of authority that US General Petraeus wielded over Iraq's civilian government as commander of the Multi-National Force in the war-torn country, in areas such as security, foreign policy and domestic issues. The cables show that at one point, Petraeus even forced the Iraqi government to raise the price of heavy fuel oil (HFO), leading nations such as Jordan and Syria to purchase such fuel from other sources. GJH/MB [Delicious] [Reddit] [Newsvine] [Mixx] [StumbleUpon] [LinkedIn] [Digg] [Twitter] [Facebook] Share this article: Send to friendPrint this article Related Stories: Six killed in separate attacks in Iraq US Army warns against big force in Iraq 'Contractors cover up US crimes in Iraq' 'Blackwater stayed in Iraq despite ban' Cable reveals 2006 US killing of Iraqis Comments (10) Add Comment Click Here Note: The views expressed and the links provided on our comment pages are the personal views of individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Press TV. Sayyed 9/12/2011 8:51:14 PM Two mistakes that Mr. Maliki made, first he did not say these facts openly to the Iraqi people, and second, he did not punish terrorist arrested openly, in fact he sent back over a thousand Saudi terrorists arrested in Iraq back to Saudi Arabia as a good gesture to improve relations!. Like 7 | Dislike 0 | Reply Hanns 9/12/2011 1:04:21 PM It is a very well know fact! A few years ago there was a meeting in Jordan between US, Saudi, Jordanian, and ex-saddam baathist elements to plan these sort of attacks. There is a CIA-Saudi training camp across the boarder form Iraq in Saudi. The training these elements to attack Shias in Iraq. Like 14 | Dislike 0 | Reply Gussin reply to Hanns 9/12/2011 1:12:02 PM Iranian intelligence services need to expose these plots to the international community. They need to show that Saudi is responsible for these attacks not Iran. Iran wants a stable Iraq to trade with. Iran does not want another refugee problem, as they had with Afghanistan. Like 14 | Dislike 0 How true 9/12/2011 10:39:25 AM How true Maliki is -Al Suad are the terrorists throughout the world, they sponser and finance every terrorist activity in the world to date.Monies from the Hajj prilgrimage is given to US/Isra-HELL by al suad.Muslims need to get rid of this jews from HIJAZ the city of the Prophet of ISLAM. Like 16 | Dislike 3 | Reply Hess 9/12/2011 10:30:00 AM Terrorism is either created directly by US, UK and Isreali stooges or are bred based on the anger against instigator powers overpowering of already weak societies. Sometimes it is caused by anger against anti Islam religious undertaking by illegitimate powers. All 911 terrorists were: (1) From countries the US and its allaies subjugated. (2) Originally created and trained by them. (3)Known to the intellignece services : not stopped because of the financial and terretorial trophies of the west. Like 12 | Dislike 0 | Reply Anti-Bully 9/12/2011 7:55:33 AM Maliki should say this openly. Anti-human Saudis blow up Buddhas of Bamyan or holy shrines in Iraq & build that clock-monstrosity that overshadows Ka'ba, to destroy human culture according to their anti-spiritual British Satanic creed. They use their wealth to spread Anglo-American disease in NA/ME/CA. Why do Western “Islamist”-bashers NEVER criticize Saudis? If American LIARS wanted to avenge 9/11, they should’ve attacked Saudi Arabia. Israel and Saudi-Wahhabia are bastions of WESTERN savagery. Like 15 | Dislike 1 | Reply ted 9/12/2011 5:02:37 AM al-Maliki does not look like an Arab. Is al-Maliki a Kurd,a Jew, who is al-Maliki. But one thing for sure, al-Malikiis or is in the proccess of becoming a puppet, a ZionistAmerican puppet. Like 9 | Dislike 25 | Reply 'Aliy al-Musawiin reply to ted 9/12/2011 12:01:35 PM as-Salamu 'ala man itaba' al-Huda, Noori al-Maliki is an arab and a muslim . . . And he is the last one becoming a puppet, thats for sure. Like 12 | Dislike 1 Sand Nigger 9/12/2011 2:02:40 AM The same culture which kills muslims,destroys mosques and burns Quran,is the same culture which killed citizens of Madineh,destroyed Prophet Mohammad,s blood line and burned the Madineh treaty. Like 43 | Dislike 1 | Reply Ashraf 9/12/2011 1:40:57 AM 9/11 terrorists...Saudis& ?...Iraqi terrorists. Saudis...Pakistan terrorists ..Saudis...Support for of all the dictators that terrorized their countries people such as Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain costing many Muslims lives ...Saudis...even all these war on terror is because of Saudi & Mossad's agents lies& terrorist actions ....... How many more murders of innocents the worlds have to see due to this fitly British made monarchy?? May Justice prevail in the most holy land of Islamic faith.... Like 51 | Dislike 2 | Reply

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