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thnx russia&china&thank u IRAN AU Observer (2 minutes 26 seconds ago) THANK YOU SO MUCH RUSSIA THANK YOU SO MUCH CHINA THEY HAVE RECOGNIZED AND SUPPORT THE PALESTINIAN BID FOR STATEHOOD AND IRAN AND RUSSIA SUCCEFULY INAUGURATE THE IRAN PEACEFUL NUCLEAR REACTOR AND MEDEVDEV CLEARLY STATES TO DAVID CAMERON TO SHUT THE FOK UP BOUT SYRIA AND TELLS HIM TO KEEP HIS HOOKED NOSE OUT OF SYRIA BASHAR AL A.SSAD IS NNOT GOING ANYWHERE SYRIA IS NNOT LIBYA SYRIA\'S ASAD IS STRONG AND WLL FOK ISRAEL... Billy US Voted for Palestine Palestine (7 minutes 26 seconds ago) The Bible says that God will save “Israel,” meaning the spiritual Israel in the final battles that take place. THAT God will save the apostate (Pharisee) Jews is NOT found anywhere in the Bible. As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ stated almost 2000 yrs ago that the Pharisees & their followers (Jews) were going to be cast into the eternal lake of fire.I hate it when I see people do a bait & switch to call the ISRAEL of God’s COVENANT ALL PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES JEWS. No such promise in Bible. Kevin GB Voted for Palestine Palestine (8 minutes 51 seconds ago) A very interesting comparison between Zionist Israel & the history of White South Africa, might shed some light on the future of Palestine. White dictatorships tried to force \"two state\" or \"multiple state bantustans\" on the majority as the solution of \"separate development\".The only \"final\" solution for the Israeli/Palestianian conflict will be, in my view, such a mutual acceptance as they had in S.Africa, to share the same land, not walled, fenced or bordered. To Abdullah Bawazir DE Voted for Israel Israel (12 minutes 54 seconds ago) So where did you get that LIE from, the Terrorists handbook ? I did not know you were such a Scholar of Jewsh Torah. Your Typical trash from a LYING toad. You NEVER read the Torah, so dont peddle your LIES here. However I read part of of the Koran where it DOES say that the Children of Israel are the TRUE & RIGHTFUL owners of the Land. Israel was NEVER under Muslim rule only Ottoman Turks who were not Islamiics. You have been EXPOSED, so go way LIER. GOD LOVES ISRAEL US Voted for Israel Israel (18 minutes 57 seconds ago) Poor innocent ARABS. All they want - just K*i*L*L all Jews & Christians and Hindu and Buddists and take their POSSESSIONS. What’s wrong with this innocent idea? And all those evil Jews? They not only do not want to be MURDERED, but even DEFEND themselves! How evil are those Jews? Dear Islamic world try loving your neighbor for once!!!! After 9/11 Americans WILL NEVER vote for pals unless they are well paid for.The BEFORE cheating STATISTICS: 62% for Isr 38%for Pal) paka paka IL Voted for Israel Israel (23 minutes 34 seconds ago) ואעכהטוהכ וכטווה גאגח עועה לועהאל תתרגמו את זה כלבים Abdullah Bawazir AE Voted for Palestine Palestine (34 minutes 19 seconds ago) Isrealis have no right to have their own country according to their own scriptures. they have occupied muslims land. Naveed Voted for Palestine Palestine (35 minutes 26 seconds ago) PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. PALESTINE FOREVER. Palestinian Terrorism GB Voted for Israel Israel (51 minutes 32 seconds ago) Palestinian terrorism against Israelis started well before there were any settlements (PLO was founded in 1964), and has continued despite their removal (see Gaza). The Palestinian unwillingness to acknowledge the right of Jews to their own state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, and their insistence on the Right of Return to millions of Palestinians (which will result in the effective destruction of Israel) – these are the core issues of the conflict. Christians in Israel US Voted for Israel Israel (55 minutes 16 seconds ago) Statistics as documented in the Central Bureau of Statistics Statistical Abstract of Israel 2008 (Chart 2.2), In the last dozen years, Israel\'s Christian population grew from 120,600 in 1995 to 151,600 in 2007, representing a growth rate of 25%. In fact, the Christian growth rate has outpaced the Jewish growth in Israel in the last 12 years! In 1995, there were 4,522,300 Jews in Israel, & in 2007there were 5,478,200, representing a growth rate of 21% – 4% LESS than the Christians. Jerusalem Voted for Israel Israel (57 minutes 35 seconds ago) Destroyed as a Jewish capital by the Romans in the 1st century AD, Jerusalem was a Christian city under their Byzantine successors before falling to Muslim Arabs in the 7th. European Crusaders took it back for a century before 700 years of Muslim control until Britain defeated the Ottoman Turks in 1917. Jerusalem” & its alternative Hebrew name “Zion” appear over 800 times in the Old Testament, & many times in the New Testament. JERUSALEM HAS BEEN CENTRAL TO JUDAISM FOR 3000 YEAR Canadians for Israel CA Voted for Israel Israel (1 hour 3 seconds ago) CANADIANS, including our PM Stephen Harper LOVE & SUPPORT ISRAEL the fellow democracy with the same JUDEO-CHRISTIAN VALUES of peace, freedom, humanity, democracy, honesty, equality, rule of law. We DO NOT NEED the infection of haters here in Canada. Get out of my Canada you filthy Islamo-Nazis & never come back. Your fascist hatred is not tolerated in Canada. GOD BLESS CANADA AND ISRAEL. GOD BLESS HONEST DECENT PEOPLE who love & support JEWS & ISRAEL. Israel FR Voted for Israel Israel (1 hour 1 minute ago) Israel is the very embodiment of Jewish continuity: It is the ONLY nation on earth that inhabits the same land, bears the same name, speaks the same language, and worships the same God that it did 3,000 years ago. You dig the soil and you find pottery from Davidic times, coins from Bar Kokhba, and 2,000-year-old scrolls written in a script remarkably like the one that today advertises ice cream at the corner candy store. Free Palestine GB Voted for Israel Israel (1 hour 3 minutes ago) In 2000 at the Camp David negotiations, Israel offered Palestinians 95% of a contiguous West Bank, 100% of Gaza, a capital in eastern Jerusalem, the removal of Jewish communities from those areas and $30 billion to help resettle Palestinian refugees. Palestinians rejected the offer and 2 months later began the terrorist campaign known as the Second Intifada. Furthermore, its well known among Israeli-Palestinians that living as a Muslim within the Israeli state is entirely a better life. Worldwide Reality US Voted for Israel Israel (1 hour 4 minutes ago) EVERY DAY, in the newspapers, on the internet, on TV there are stories of M us lim mur ders, C h urch burnings, H ar ras sment.C hr i stians in M uslim controlled areas in the M.E & THROUGHOUT THE WORLD are h ar r as sed & k illed, ch urches destroyed. The ONLY place in the Me where Ch r istian population is GROWING is I srael. In addition, M u slims breed like rabbits, which is one tool by which they expect to take over the world. J EW HATERS IGNORE ALL THIS & CURSE JEWS, IGNORING ALL REALITY To Ali GB Voted for Israel Israel (1 hour 8 minutes ago) You are wrong. Israel has tried to make Peace with Hezbollah & HAMAS. Israel withdrew their settlements from GAZA & Hamas responded to this PEACE initiative by launching 11000 Rockets at Israeli Civilians. If HAMAS wanted peace they could have had it 30 years ago. However if you read HAMAS Charter, it STATES, No Peace with Israel, ONLY Jihad will resolve the conflict, death to Jews & DESTRUCTION of Israel. You phone them up & get them to make PEACE & I will shake you hand & buy you a drink The Savage Beating Continues US Voted for Israel Israel (1 hour 10 minutes ago) OVER 500,000 AND CLIMBING RAPIDLY! That is how many more votes there are for Israel vs the lying muslim propals! The entire educated and intelligent world sees all the islamic cult muslim lying, cheating, stealing, and on-going k!lling, AND THEY ARE TOTALLY DISGUSTED! You islamo-nazi fakes are exposed and recognized as total fools, idiots, uneducated, and ignorant scums - - - KEEP ON PUBLISHING YOUR LIES AND BULLSH-T - - - THE WORLD LOVES TO LAUGH AT MORONS! @world loves and supports... AU Observer (1 hour 18 minutes ago) THE WORLD KNOWS THE TRUTH & SUPPORTS ISRAEL!!??150 countries recognize the palestiine bid for statehood which world do u refer to?u.s eng,france?thats nnot the world fool thats the colonist world Ali to Israeli TR Voted for Palestine Palestine (1 hour 22 minutes ago) Israel never thought a peace with Palestinians in those lands & made up lies such as HAMAS doesnt want peace, they send their rockets etc. However, D reality is Israel wants 2 continue its policies of land confiscation, building of settlements, destruction of Palestinian homes, schools, mosques, churches, etc. Hamas is only 20 yrs old while Israel is over 60 yrs.& the result had never changed. Israel also attacked 2 Turkish aid vessels, to Egyptian polices and many more.. Forgot? Kolian CA Voted for Israel Israel (1 hour 38 minutes ago) I S L A M I S T S ARE THE EVIL OF THE WORLD! VAMPIRES OF INNOCENT SOULS! Please wake up and face the reality! There is still hope but the time is running out! A R A B S will always be the enemy of freedom. BECAUSE MUSLIM RELIGION ISLAM IS BASED ON LIES, BLOODSHED, IGNORANCE, ARROGANCE AND ISLAMO - FASCISTIC IDEOLOGY. If there was no Israel, A R A B COUNTRIES would take over the world and always call someone THE ENEMY. A R A B S are the Mafia against ALL OF HUMANITY AND THE WORLD. NO TO ISLAMO- Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... Next p

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