Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sep 24, 2011, 21:32 GMT New York - Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr on Saturday urged countries to support the Palestinian statehood bid and blasted Israel's violence and its blockade of the Gaza Strip, which he described as violations of international legitimacy. Addressing the UN General Assembly, Amr pledged his country's commitment to the goal of achieving a 'just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East. 'It has become totally absurd to carry on talking about a peace process while Israeli continues, with total comfort and complete disregard to the objections of the world, constructing settlements on the Palestinian territories,' said Amr, who was also representing the Non-Aligned movement. He called for 'comprehensive and substantial reform' in the United Nations that would lead to a 'more representative and more transparent Security Council,' and also focused on the January 25 revolution in Egypt. Read more about Egypt

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