Tuesday, 13 September 2011

9/11 Audio Tapes Released From Archives (Majority of Records Still Sealed)

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TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2580

As the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, the National Archives has released a compilation of audio clips of air traffic controllers, military officers and pilots recorded that morning.

Find out what the media is not telling you about the issue in this week's edition of GRTV: Behind the Headlines.

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  • One piece of info at a time the world is waking up to the lies!
  • Excellent! Thank you.
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  • This country is so fucked in the A! I almost wish I wasn't born here.
  • @SirSmok3Alot225 Totally agree, destroying records and keeping important information secret from the public is unacceptable and only makes me more suspicious of the official story
  • WTF Why would that ID Tech say cool to a fucking hijack u stupid prick.
  • great report. thanks james
  • @ThePineconeMaster I was confused, but then I turned of the TV, and did some research of my own, confusion gone… I would be interested in learning what lies you have discovered in this vid?
  • @hardvex
    Use punctuation? Way to overly stress that, you don't put a period every fifth word you type.
  • @hardvex no friends nuff said...i'll pray for ya...
  • @xsnut1 LOL. The tapes? Yes, there is plenty of video about how much your wonderful government sucks dick. Holy fuck, you must still be a kid in school. Use some punctuation. Fuck you, the tapes are released, asswipe... Much more appropriate. Go suck your government's dick some more, cocksuck. Don't forget to wipe your chin.
  • @hardvex fuck you the tapes are released asswipe...
  • Bottom line..when you destroy records (evidence in this case) you are hiding something. The huge amount of records destroyed and locked up means that something equally huge is being covered up. That's why I'll never trust the official story on what happened that terrible day. We'll probably never know guys..so lets not hate each other and clash right now, when this is the time to stand united against whatever evil is pulling the strings.
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