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The Palestine Chronicle Newsletter www.PalestineChronicle.com September 13, 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURED ARTICLE What State Do Palestinians Want? 'Two state solution' legitimizes Israel as a racist state. (Tamar Fleishman) By Mahmoud N. Musa Before Palestinian politicians go to the General Assembly of the United Nations to ask for recognition of their nominal state, they have to answer this question: Is this what the Palestinian people want? In a poll conducted by the Palestine Center for Public Opinion, pcpo.org, (poll number 169, published February 1st, 2010) conducted in Gaza, and available in Arabic and English, question 39 asked the following from a representative sample: There are lots of strategic concepts for the resolution of the conflict in the region and the self-determination of the Palestinian people. What is your evaluation to each of the following? 1. One democratic state on the soil of the whole historic Palestine, in which all its citizens should enjoy the same rights without religious, racial or gender discrimination. 62.5%. 2. Two states, one Palestinian, the other Israeli, live in peaceful coexistence side by side as good neighbours (in conformity with the resolution of the Palestinian National Council of 1988 and the UN Resolution No 242). 36.8%. 3. I don't know.0.7%. Another poll was conducted by Middle East Consulting (middleeastconsulting.com) in the West Bank and Gaza and published on their website in February 2007, asked the following question: "Do you support or oppose a one-state solution in historic Palestine where Muslims, Christians and Jews have equal rights and responsibilities?" 70.4% approved and 29.6% opposed. It is reasonable to expect that refugees and Palestinians in Israel would approve the one-state solution with higher rates for reasons we will elaborate below. Why do Palestinians Support the One Democratic State? In our discussions with Palestinians, these are some of the responses we received, they ranged from the pragmatic to the moral, and the importance of each varied from one person to another. First, most people stated the obvious reality: there is no land to have a viable state. There is the geographic separation of the West Bank and Gaza; settlers control much of the West Bank making it non-contiguous. Furthermore, such a state would be economically controlled by Israel and dependent on outside assistance. Second, even if all the area of the West Bank becomes available, other sources of tension such as Jerusalem and the other holy places, borders, over five hundred thousand settlers, natural resources including water and coastal natural gas, will persist and continue to be a source of tension that may lead to hostilities. Third, the "two state solution" legitimizes Israel as a racist supremacist state that will continue to be a source of tension in the region and a supporter of international neo-colonialism. Fourth, a "Palestinian state" considerably weakens the ability of refugees to return to their original homes. This also exposes the Palestinians in Israel to the possibility of being cleansed out, in order to create a truly Jewish state. This puts us in the difficult position of answering the question: "If you want a state for yourselves, why do you deny the same to the Jew?" In asking for two states, are we not contributing to apartheid? Fifth, some of the Palestinians we discussed this issue with remembered the aim of the revolution in the 1960's as the "Liberation of Man and Land" not just the creation of an entity no matter how insignificant that maybe. Some recalled the resolution of the fifth congress of the Palestinian National Council in January 1969 that stated: "to establish a free and democratic society in Palestine for all whether they are Muslims, Christians or Jews." (See Documents for Palestine 1969, Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut, 1970, page 589.) This probably was the only action taken proactively and without capitulation to outside pressure or as a reaction to what Israel did. Sixth, some of the respondents see the diversity of religions and cultures as a source of enrichment for Palestine and the whole region provided all believe in equality and solidarity. They support the concept of a religious and cultural home for Jews. Such a state would be a source of support of a culture of democracy and human rights for the whole region of West Asia and North Africa that includes all Arab countries together with Turkey and Iran. Seventh, going with the grain of history.The era of the nation-state is passing; it is changing to the multinational state and regional organizations. Humanity has for long known identity, such as ethnicity and religion, as the source of conflict and solidarity. It is now moving to universal values, such as equality and human rights, as the focus of political contention and solidarity. The One Democratic State will shift the struggle from that over territory to a struggle for values. Eighth, the political, military and economic elites who are calling for separation are continuously working and will continue to cooperate with their Israeli counterparts. This same stratum wants the mainstream Palestinian and Jewish communities to be separate. In January 2004, Ahmed Qurae, then prime minister of the Palestine Authority, threatened to call for a bi-national state. A leader of the Democratic Front (name withheld) and its current representative on the executive committee of the PLO was interviewed on Al-Jazeera network for his opinion. He replied that he does not agree because the Palestinian elites are not at the level of the Israelis. This gentleman reminds one of the Roman who would rather be first in a small village than be the second in Rome. He wants to continue exercising his authority in an insignificant quasi-state. However, he needs to answer the question: How can the power-imbalance between two peoples destined to share this small land be corrected? The proposed Palestinian entity is by and for the privileged few and does not serve the interests of most Palestinians. Addressing the International Community Some of the peoples and governments who are supporting the two-state solution believe that this constitutes Palestinian independence from Israeli colonialism; however, please recognize that our experience is not the colonialism that many of you experienced. The situation of Palestine/Israeli is that of settler-colonialism. Such conflict has never been and cannot be resolved by separating the indigenous population from the colonialists. Separation can only be done artificially and possibly forcefully and will lead to perpetual tension because the physical and human geography of this small piece of land is totally intertwined. Please understand that this presumed entity is a trap with the flag being the bait. What we would like to you to do is boycott and sanction Israel till it agrees to equal political, social, economic and cultural rights to all who live in historic Palestine and also allow all Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes. We say to the General Assembly of the United Nations: Those 33 members of your assembly, who are mostly Europeans or Latin American countries who were under the control of the United States, who voted to partition Palestine in November 1947 need to acknowledge that their action brought untold misery to the whole region. You should not persist with this disastrous mistake. Instead, you need to vote for one-state in historic Palestine. The decision to call for one-state or two-states affects all Palestinians, be they living in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel or are refugees. A referendum should be conducted, after a reasonable period of discussion, on the course to be taken. In the meantime, the Palestine Authority should refrain from acting on behalf of Palestinians. - Professor Mahmoud N. Musa teaches global politics at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales in Paris. His most recent book is Contesting Global Values: Transnational Social Movements Confront the Neoliberal Order ( AuthorHouse, 2011). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SELECTED ARTICLES UN Palmer Panel Report Deserves No Deference [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRr0ECcV3VZ7xjPKaTFFEoNbvqggL1st85utxqA9RD9D8wfIBsqZjXZBPY19BANmeH7LfIEZyDeoKP-YBfviouexWeR8XjsD0jhZ5Fn3IdiG726orYjYHwuywe2T6QD3B1EYuMc6I-fMAtxMNWh_qruuAIqVwqPKKhk=] By Audrey Bomse, Legal Adviser to the Free Gaza Movement Almost all the factual findings, as well as the legal analysis and ..... Go for U.N. 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His announcement would seem to end months of speculation about the PLO's diplomatic strategy. "We are going to the United Nations, we are going to the Security Council," Shtayyeh said. "We are going to seek full membership based on 1967 borders." Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority (PA) president, will deliver a speech in Ramallah on Friday night outlining the bid. Full recognition would allow Palestine to vote at the UN, and to join the International Criminal Court and other world bodies. The PLO will have little trouble securing the required two-thirds majority at the General Assembly; more than 120 nations have already promised to support the bid, according to Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator. But the White House and various other US officials have already pledged to veto the Palestinian bid, and it cannot proceed without Security Council approval. In that case, the PLO could still pursue "non-member observer status," which would give it diplomatic standing on a par with the Vatican. But it is unclear what, if anything, would change after that upgrade. Still, some Palestinian officials have urged the PLO to avoid the US veto and go directly to the General Assembly. Next Steps Uncertain Shtayyeh acknowledged that, even if the United Nations approves the bid, it will not immediately change daily life for Palestinians. "Things on the ground are not going to be different," he said. "The difference will happen on the political level. Palestinians will join UN institutions... and the Palestinian territories will no longer be considered 'disputed lands' but occupied lands." Shtayyeh said the PLO was undecided on how it would respond to a US veto: It could petition the General Assembly for upgraded status, or go back to the Security Council, forcing another veto. The announcement also signals that the PLO does plan to go through with the bid, despite a last-minute diplomatic push by the US and other nations aimed at derailing it. Shtayyeh said Abbas would submit the official paperwork after arriving in New York next week, and that the submission will deal with refugees, borders, the status of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and other issues. Salah Bardawil, a senior Hamas official in Gaza, criticised the UN bid, saying that Abbas has not consulted with Hamas about it. "It's a unilateral action by Abbas, just like Oslo was unilateral," he said, referring to the 1993 Oslo Accords. "Whether they go to the Security Council or the General Assembly, it makes no difference to us." No Response from Israel, EU The Israeli government did not directly comment on the PLO's announcement, but Mark Regev, a spokesman for the Israeli prime minister, reiterated the government's opposition to the bid. "You can get a piece of paper through the United Nations, but you cannot get an independent state," he told Al Jazeera. The US State Department issued a brief statement on Tuesday, calling the UN bid "unhelpful to the necessary process of the two sides getting back to the negotiating table," an argument it has made many times before. Two US envoys, David Hale and Dennis Ross, will return to the region this week in a last-ditch effort to convince the PLO to abandon its bid. The US embassy in Tel Aviv would not comment on their visit. Hale and Ross visited Jerusalem and Ramallah last week on a similar mission. Palestinian officials expect a majority of the 27-nation European Union to support their bid. But EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who attended an Arab League meeting in Cairo on Monday night, said that the EU's official position is to support renewed negotiations instead of a UN vote. The PA is planning a series of marches and rallies, in the West Bank and internationally, to coincide with the vote. Abbas is expected to address the General Assembly on September 23. The bid has been sharply criticised by many Palestinians, particularly in Gaza and in the diaspora, who view it as a purely Fatah-led initiative. Legal scholars say a "yes" vote would also call into question the legitimacy of the PA itself. Abbas has described the bid as a "last resort" brought on by the collapse of negotiations between Israel and the PLO. Talks have been stalled for nearly a year over Israel's refusal to halt the construction of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. PA officials say the impasse leaves them with no choice but to turn to the UN; Abbas has offered to suspend the bid and resume talks if Israel halts settlement growth and agrees to use 1967 borders as a basis for negotiations. Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, insists that he will only resume talks without those preconditions. (Al Jazeera) Story Copy Right Link [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRrPssMw4yoixmefb-_MxH_f5VrtH_ynQ856zzZPjkmF3iylIL1HXgSPbaUjpICQU2Hqr9RQ6Sa1QDJkjPdHKlDFQXlL3ZhRAJaV5QZS6X1u3aDfp6H2Me7XK6ij2ry-Af8aCaAQDY48hqXFbPJ-k8LMZylGSR4Hfs_npr19KTpNJC0VGmjLxp7k] News Topics Main PLO to Seek Full UN Recognition [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRouiNk63FIakkdoqxBh178Zs5cFhX1Nu_XNcJiWj0ej_wyH90RdL5_O7JdoX1c_aUjb_KFjaDg1QUed_oFkFXjJnC33YtYe4c-HfYUyGzkY9xeaxOdF-6_p3ShwEZrx3xoXwjl9NhPD0v6SbhESS0IZsf-UjRWBsFjA3wk_RtoqREKJv2-GublKaHH6DaSwG3xpxBWIKloRbQ==] 16:29 09/13/2011 Israel Plans to Uproot more Bedouins [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRrZMGwzIBr36vYgaZkxTzFhh7YN_jQ9WgTnjnnqKpUNrQCRhogp4th_YpZ16qlWuanGU2raH4erC831vXfwnp2HU5CRvDccnT3Y3Xjg3pRolMSRyVqVViHEVqYM6B0roEe4f9qZbklKwJMk7n4vRA1_MPBOz7wFh2tiEI_bn_ZA1Y1nGiBF_I-rcSEyZDAvpi02sez1HofSHQ==] 16:26 09/13/2011 Palestinian Factions Divided over UN Bid [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRo1RUS3WiLtecvHmPa7dA_ixGr_gD6iTIZKcLUTdx5ULzOWS5XMt1fGIzBSQfxLhl-REI5i3vo-xEjwiu_X0L2CpewtH1kHHsBTLVKSrhb8LLRSdTlDQetjisudqsAjgFSl6a_LWWDnPvUUd_HB_jQ7khWecCjBQk0hi2PdalT5KfnO4RmiNLWJcmp53f-nigisxrzbDSFMDQ==] 17:16 09/12/2011 Egypt and Israel Seek Return to 'Normal' Ties [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRqxVP6YB8tPdDJQ_sXCGPCHneI7xBkXRXt2Iu_udoxZ9fsSRz0JEeufa0S3q7xA1NAE_epoyyBxjCHc2d_e1p2f0qpjd1U575fKkp2JfmU5YLX7i2vpWvN3OekVmZMUX7iGRF7BXTSZJX_QCgk6uYcP8mOvuUyH8xWwbc3Tv9ZKU3tbO2PzMqsM1xWZmtxRZ6TX4E-wsqCmgw==] 17:10 09/12/2011 Israel to Expel 30K Bedouins from Negev [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRo7KgOMpo11vnzO7gu-yH0XCoWU6R7RcEqkCirWVPhQhWXv_qjj-wyy0V2U2goI-XD2tBC8J3XvauTFFCLfDZJubjn7natA2M1Jo1VtoguYd8HN9vxESUSHC3CRSwiUPqF7RFsPeEnGhSybVlrd9dm99gPe8UfcrcQdXYIq8iqwccHXIFHPi3H_nK_Q_-bwgta3vXKdgDeG2A==] 17:07 09/12/2011 Poll: Obama Biased in Favor of Israel [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRqLVDdAm4-RIxSh0t20k5FJlGlPVLlyLt5UGTztDIik1j_oKxZXQx09Yw3yQgBGoghUqyp3Rjdo1ufzGVl-73E0p103BRS06DmS3UmGs61GZidK0aQb-vcshl-IWuDHzAG8FUpkXqhkHEBGmDKdg0iNTLJtgw2miYfGZgQXfH-b5W6VHOkvciVBwieVBMvu50Hv8YjNa9URSw==] 17:01 09/12/2011 Egyptians Break into Israeli Embassy in Cairo [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRoHe9hmUg55X8OfA_duaPlXvCKSdVgNBHM5wqma7_zASkIGoH2be5wFKrSrZp8LPgs3PiyIvY0e2us6_Mo1pQYQWTiHBv5vF1SOhw-qgFlT5mH8TL_RU53BSiSbZPmYlk_g31rkgE-7Q_CQ9CbHuzRdTtclNppcm453CEYgh_3WgTROyra1chyXKNRuTywWJea3q9p2JXiXrg==] 22:23 09/09/2011 Israel Embassy Wall Torn Down in Egypt [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRqyJpb62S6cRF1RVuS4lNX5liwG-39PSCh0wj7M8A5cXeP3LDhBrWRdZyK6uHa2tTCTWokTEe98MSdn8q00LRiTdMOudBnB4Fr-ejh35ybRcza1NCnYPVg6c1hCXlk-84hTR_E5YaXhxl6z_8FD_1ZlhsWx9WLcXdvNRjw28rK9MJqEpJw_oISF-Z3UWuWzJnQH6ufasWj04g==] 18:03 09/09/2011 PA to Push UN Bid Despite Pressures [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRrLIMrmHXPdmPzjsh_E2lUFIPRMp96YxRz49IZaaAK1hsOp7TvZrDptb6MNhjh3bxg7wvo28ttirszw9HMxqZZXNvNEDK3djcwbXwkUQvJdSgt3TgSzKysPwxP2FH8sy9AKgKIiN4YXfLXPgWz3GLHjd8s7hTexKRRt8l1Kz4ZM8701q3kFsKzxckMnRlzKao9zvYxtZWtxcQ==] 17:49 09/09/2011 Palestinian State Long Overdue: UN Chief [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRo-jCRPnNy20hv4tkJ39nQZpXfQR1fOHPJVc-CoJef6ewuG46VJXniReggoJQllFhyELuAC1kxgL31JvqKR0OcuWDMitnUd4J3yWNnUWjzTXlpq0PxvFO_1BE84wZW4rNia9KzHCivWGigWzpTpOvfTFeFqOCWmfjo8zyeSdB9-GPv7rwAOtvRBlYSusMDtveS-9RB3t3tERg==] 17:46 09/09/2011 Activists Campaign for PA's UN Statehood Bid [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRpTgrExsKXxJe1bA4GSlc9ODHH1xZHIOtwTGi0_cDiyAurVJg_mhNgR2R7EyxJ30GkgYM1ywDevFxvP_6HzpMqhPinvh-tl237LHVegV9PIx_QWU5glu_azqO-WZaOUalPJCfkV-r-dWuPfs-ol0YndkAiCAAuhXpI0h76gxBgosf7Fqjp7nJ-YvI6vkFSe5SCrTSmDGZbgOg==] 17:30 09/08/2011 Italian Activist's Murder Trial Starts in Gaza [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRqQmmOLegYD-DAEf1-sQArX0H9VD49pfZjvBFEUJ2Wo-plxHuIL1k_YkOxNKZgZErW4a4h_gTARMckfUtd_G3Mkge1MH7U6DuHvAg8vBfhzQdEVT2GpACeFXAhgVGUWObvdcXikpFJ04rZiOZQg8TtBnnXQuMAMQhagViisilYydEadfOL6YolGAEzbyWdg3EBtwSMnmmYEJA==] 17:25 09/08/2011 Israel Police Arrests Protesters [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRok6q2apbIKBe4T_JCtYVDvmXYiLS0jbgacVm8ABH3shauHdba52d9oQsg0CJIL14cIB5viFigm50BsyzDIUf6aGMaf0hVbbz8GLt7hpNfm30n_SnfB9fLqPve4rn3P66itDg2DAbu68zs_UvbXYa2nzPyTYqrvhJ-447zHMT8CBLM4yZsca0VQLz8XulboKD4A9ZE_tyX0qw==] 17:21 09/08/2011 Israel 'Disloyal' to Turkey Defence Contracts [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRq9XKDxqj-_dJFwM6gN16t2BNJhYD-2cnexyUuEZL4pDMtI9cv5HzK78xU4oI2d8SBy5UK0bojnv8UuHQnz0hlex4Q3j18zlt06CtKW4RF1E1uOtt74B8wCjkM8cr0_AXed9RlfJBh08-hty4shrKPVef7B4rwc1DJGnTzxt1Paj-q7s8b0JiKAc82OTM-JGLY4CncddZdnzQ==] 21:24 09/07/2011 PA: Wide Differences with US on UN Bid [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=dcbsoncab&et=1107617322175&s=6470&e=001GS-5V-mxHRq6kUA3gDCI0X98vgsbz8x2jfV6gV4cYR38FTbzAA17V77xGWn61wARXPo4E_QvTviiha8ObxT5X4mMevDxcWLWkisNvCt_TiXvHIGy6_FIwI5yrw_xTihS7AdwLaHxMb1zo1L_N6OyeXp0-xNskhoumvf6iEdv-y2pjEkPfvU3F5ugTwq3A47ZonOVS6J70kMnTLYU7ov-FQ==] 21:22 09/07/2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Palestine Chronicle is an independent online newspaper that provides daily news, commentary, features, book reviews, photos, art, etc, on a variety of subjects, focusing mostly on Palestine, Israel, and the Middle East region. 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